Friday, November 6, 2009


I cannot tell you how much your memories mean to us.
Our father, Jim was able to sit down and read some of the stories. He was so touched.
Today we updated and we got a foundation entity set-up so that we can take donations in place of flowers. As some of you noted, we lost not only Warren, but all that Warren could have been. He could have made significant contributions to science through the continued development of open source modeling tools. To continue his work & dream, we're raising money to support open source scientific software. Please donate instead of giving flowers.

Silicon Valley Community Foundation
memo: Warren L. DeLano Memorial Fund
2440 West El Camino Real, Suite 300
Mountain View, CA 94040
tel: 650.450.540


  1. I am so saddened by this news. Warren had a special talent for creating great software, doing this (and many things at once) with true strong principles, and it seems providing individual attention to each of us thousands in the community he helped create through heroic individual effort and ability. Really amazing.
    I met Warren through mutual friends and have enjoyed the opportunities to work with him when he helped me on a few projects; a great approach and a good dry wit as well.

    As he was not far down the road in Palo Alto, I chatted with him just last week. This gives sharp emphasis to the suddeness of the loss.
    Peace and condolences.
    -Seth Harris

  2. We have met Warren at couple of meetings and enjoyed exchanging ideas with him. When we joined Genentech two years ago, we were looking forward to having finally opportunity to collaborate with him.

    Warren and Beth invited us to a wonderful dinner. We had a marvelous time talking about science , food, and simple day-to-day topics such as cleaning robots. We regret that we did not find the time to return their kind invitation.

    Alberto and Man-Ling

  3. Warren may have been universally loved by the molecular computing community, but it's honest and sad to say that he wasn't treated well many of us. The reason is probably that he did what he did mainly for the love and beauty and joy of it, and was not so gung-ho on profit uber alles as many of us seem to be. I remember how shocked and hurt he was when Open Eye barred him from attending their scientific meetings because they introduced a visualization product which "competed" with PyMol ... meetings where most of the attendees were his friends and approximately 100.00% were PyMol users. As if there were not enough room in this world for all of us! Warren, we're so sorry.

  4. I extend my sincerest condolences to Beth and the rest of Warren’s family. While Warren, Beth and I only met a year or so ago and had limited discussions over that time, I was very impressed with him as a visionary with integrity. He demonstrated in his interactions that treating others the way he wanted to be treated was at the core of his DNA and he did it with respect and humility. The world at large lost a positive influencer with his death.

  5. The organizers and participants of the Protein Structure Determination in Industry meeting held this week in Basel, Switzerland would like to extend to Wayne's family, friends and colleagues their most sincere condolences. Almost all presentations at out meeting used Wayne's software to show both the unique beauty of the molecules we study and the intricate detail which we hope will help us to develop better and more specific medicines. Wayne's contribution to our work cannot be overestimated. He is sorely missed.
    David Banner, for PSDI


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