Thursday, November 12, 2009

Warren Wordle

Wordle: Warren DeLano Died - Blog reactions
Thanks to Joerg Wegner for doing this!


  1. I never mer Warren in person, but we had considerable email and telephone contact. He was always helpful and engaging. I'm converting computer laboratory exercises in structural biology from proprietary software to Pymol, and he was of great help in getting us started with the conversion. I'd hoped to work with him on the project in the future and am shocked at his death. My best wishes go to his family and friends.

    Peter Kahn, Rutgers University

  2. I am really sorry to hear the news. I never met him personally, but as a subscriber and user of his software many scientists like me are grateful to Warren for what he did. It is a loss for all of us. Many of us spend a lot of time with pymol and will remember and thank Warren for that.

    Amit Pandey
    University of Bern, Switzerland


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